Creators of kokoro INDIGO CULTURE & CRAFTS, a textile studio where we carry out all the processes with the indigo plant that are traditionally carried out separately: from the cultivation of the indigo, the preparation of the tubs, the dyeing and the design.

Our philosophy

We aim to inspire and create a culture based on the indigo plant through its history, its science and its art to people of all ages with workshops and other activities. We want to work to build a community of people who learn and contribute to creating an indigo culture and we do research on the sustainable growth and processing of indigo dyeing.

Natural dyes

We not only limit ourselves to the use of indigo, we also use different natural dyes, some of which we cultivate as they play an integral role in our work because their characteristics combine perfectly with our aesthetics.

Our work is mainly stained with natural extracts of leaves, wood chips, flowers and roots of various plants.