June 2022


These events are organized by KOKORO Índigo Culture, the first Indigo garden in the Basque Country, dedicated to promoting slow and sustainable textile dyeing in the town of Sopuerta (Bizkaia)https://www.indigoshademap.org

Our goal is to work with local communities, and for this space to function as an educational garden and workshop to learn how to grow, mine and dye indigo.

We promote sustainable textile practice through practical experiences.

The workshops are especially aimed at people who have not had contact with natural dyes before and people who are curious to learn how a dye plant orchard works.

Apart from this, advanced training is offered for people who want to go deeper and/or who already have experience in dyeing. Ask us!

PROJECT: Green is the new Blue


1.Visit: meet the indigo


Guided tour

Duration: 1 hour

In this talk and tour, you will learn about the history of Indigo and origins.

We will look at the different types of indigo plants that grow in the indigo orchard and take a closer look at their specific qualities.

You will learn about the cultivation of plants that produce indigo in Europe and the different applications they can be used for, including extracting the pigment, making sukumo for Japanese indigo vats, and making dye vats.

This will be an informal and very informative event where you will be able to see the seeds, plants, dyed fabric samples, pure indigo pigment mined from the indigo orchard, and Japanese sukumo!

2. Indigo Harvest


For volunteers

Age: Adults (danger: cuts!)

Join us for this morning harvest of indigo leaves ready for drying and subsequent Japanese sukumo processing. Seeds will be given away so you can start your own mini Indigo garden at home!

Materials included:


tea, coffee, biscuits

Please bring your own gardening gloves and pruning shears

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