June 2022


These events are organized by KOKORO Índigo Culture, the first Indigo garden in the Basque Country, dedicated to promoting slow and sustainable textile dyeing in the town of Sopuerta (Bizkaia)https://www.indigoshademap.org

Our goal is to work with local communities, and for this space to function as an educational garden and workshop to learn how to grow, mine and dye indigo.

We promote sustainable textile practice through practical experiences.

The workshops are especially aimed at people who have not had contact with natural dyes before and people who are curious to learn how a dye plant orchard works.

Apart from this, advanced training is offered for people who want to go deeper and/or who already have experience in dyeing. Ask us!


PROJECT: Green is the new Blue




Discover the magic of indigo dyeing and create your own unique piece of art

Practical workshop

Price/person €15 (minimum group 4 people)

Duration: 2 hours

Hours: 10:30-12:30 a.m.


In this  workshop, you will design a pattern using shibori techniques and hand-dye your own fabric in a  natural indigo vat.

You can dye a piece of cotton that you can bring or that we can provide you.

You will take home a beautiful piece of cotton made by you, and that we will help you design.

You can bring your own fabrics to dye or we can provide them to you.

Please, indicate this information in the reservation to adjust the prices based on what we have in the workshop.

For this workshop, the fibers that can be dyed must be of plant origin: cotton, linen, hemp…


2.Print and Pattern with Indigo plants

Create direct patterns with indigo leaves

Practical workshop

Price/person €10  (minimum group 4 people)

Duration: 2 hours

Hours: 10:30-12:30 a.m.

Suitable for 6+ years (hazard alert: broken fingers)


All materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own t-shirt if you wish.

This workshop requires no prior experience and is a fun activity for all ages.

You will create indigo botanical prints to personalize pieces of fabric or simple garments using only indigo plants.

Bring old clothes and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Also, bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated!


3.Dye with cool indigo

Practical workshop

Price/person €20  (minimum group 4 people)

Duration: 2 hours

Hours: 10:30-12:30 a.m.


In this workshop we will combine fresh leaf dyeing methods using natural materials.

It will be a hands-on experience creating a spectacular color on a silk scarf to take home while learning about the fascinating alchemy of this dye.

You will know the plants of the garden, you will collect your own leaves and you will dye directly. A true plant-to-fiber experience!



The workshops do not have fixed dates. For the workshop to take place, a minimum number of people will be necessary (See description of each workshop). As the minimum number is reached, the people who have requested it will be contacted and the date will be set.

The dates for the INDIGO HARVEST will be published on our website www.kokoroindigoculture.com (in the BLOG section) and on instagram @kokoroindigoculture

Once posted, all dates are fixed and we will do our best to keep them, but we reserve the right to change dates for reasons beyond our control such as extreme weather, unforeseen garden issues, or illness.

The workshops will be organized from June to October, while we have the indigo harvest in the orchard.


Payment terms

If you are interested in one of our workshops, write to us at kokoroindigoculture@gmail.com and we will send you the registration form, the payment method and we will specify the date.THANK YOU!!!

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