Our vats are based on non-polluting, organic reduction methods.

Indigo dye is unique in the way it behaves in that it comes from the green leaves of various plants and because it is not soluble in water.

And so what is indigo blue?

Indigo’s precursor is Indican, which can be hydrolyzed to release β-D-glucose and indoxyl. When oxidation occurs from exposure to air, indoxyl is converted to indigotine, which is the insoluble blue chemical called indigo.

How Indigo Is Extracted

The seeds are first sown and placed in a greenhouse for 30 days.

They are transplanted into the ground where they will remain there for another 4 months.

They are harvested and from there they are processed through fermentation, which takes about 120 days to complete, or until the pigment is extracted.

From there you can start preparing the tanks.

The fibres are immersed in the liquid and only when they come out and touch the air, they oxidize and become coloured. It is a long process where each step is repeated to increase the concentration of dye in the fibres until the desired shade of blue is obtained.

“Indigo is the only colour capable of connecting disciplines, people, cultures and places around the world”.

(Jenny Balfour Paul)

Our design processes

Shibori is an ancient Japanese method of creating patterns on fabric by manipulating and compressing the fabric before dyeing. Many of our designs are created by intensively sewing the fabric and then pulling the threads to compress it into a tight bundle before dyeing. This process is slow and guarantees a unique result every time. Fabric can be compressed in many ways and all those variations translate into designs. There are no two identical pieces of shibori textiles in the world and an element of the unexpected is always present. This is the special magic of the method and its greatest appeal. After being compressed, the pack is placed in the dye where only the exposed portion of the fabric absorbs the colour. After completion of dyeing, the threads holding the compressed fabric together can be cut. Well in advance, the results of many days / weeks of work are finally revealed.