January 2021

We have been included in the Project called INDIGO SHADE MAP

Indigo Shade Map is an interactive infographic map that was started from three different indigo plants, Indigofera tinctoria, Polygonum tinctorium, and Isatis Tinctoria. Each species of indigo is marked with a different shade of blue on the map. Indigo dye is one of the ancestral dyes and of the textile culture that has been practiced by different cultures in the world. The primary purpose of INDIGO SHADE MAP is to show how a particular natural dye has been widely and continuously practiced today. Each indigo plant looks visually very different and grows in different climates and regions. All these plants contain “blue pigments” in their leaves, although each shade is different. These powerful plants represent the complexity of textile history, life, and the humanities that they completely connect.
On the Map, 2021: #2 Kokoro Indigo Culture & Craft

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